Thursday, August 16, 2007

So while the rest of us stress about taxes and the IRS, Hollywood tends to think such matters are beneath them. Who wants to worry about such a dry and boring things when there is a party at Hyde or LAX, or even better... strawberry blow!

Anyway, looks like the brilliant agents and managers in tinsel town have found a brilliant way to save their clients from that pesky problem of paying the IRS as much as usual... how about NO PAYCHECK! God, these people are just brilliant!

Here is a preview of Nikki Finke insights on Jim Carrey's latest movie deal:

Considering Jim's waning popularity, it's a big question mark whether Carrey can carry a comedy to $150 mil anymore. If he does, and the budget and marketing overages don't occur, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then I'm told it's possible for the actor to make a phenomenal $78M. Also, the way this deal is structured, he'll pay less of it to the IRS. But why worry about Uncle Sam's tax bite before winning the lottery? Really, this could just turn out to be the worst talent deal ever in Hollywood.

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