Monday, August 13, 2007

So there I was enjoying a mellow Sunday, returning from a well-earned pedicure, and I decide to check my mail. That was my first mistake. The years of fighting my IRS audit/appeal/harassment should of taught me to never approach my mail box on the weekend. But truly, that is all behind me, right? I settled MONTHS ago with the IRS (hence this blog!)...

But no, the IRS henchmen have resurfaced! This time they are in the form of the State of California Franchise Tax Board who want over $1000 from me. Mother F***er! Don't they know who I am?! I am audit girl and this is not acceptable!

Okay, so after my outburst (sorry neighbor in #2 - who lives right by the mailboxes), I decided to read the letter.... here is my favorite part (there were so many, it was hard to pick just one!):

The adjustments on this notice are based on information provided to us by the Internal Revenue Service...

Well, you don't day, State of California Franchise Tax Board - by the way, just for kicks why don't I refer to you as SCFTB. That is fascinating, being that my IRS audit was settled in December 2006. It turns out that, and this may come as a shock... the SCFTB is a tad behind on its paperwork and is not completely up to speed on my case! Wow, who knew!

So this morning, I faxed yet another document to my rapidly aging tax lady. She chuckled when I called her about it so I am not sure if that is a good sign.

Meanwhile, in my haste to fax her, I accidently sent it to two of my co-workers' e-mails. How on earth could this happen? I mean REALLY, how does that happen??? Great question... who knows!

So, audit girl is on a new mission and the name of my pain is the SCFTB. Stay tuned.

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