Friday, December 21, 2007

not much i can say about this story, it speaks for itself...;_ylt=AjAHV5yMe4mnNhkbFR_IESCs0NUE

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ok, lots to discuss here...

1)More than 20 million families will be spared an extra $2,000 tax hit on average after Congress excluded them from a higher alternative tax originally aimed at untaxed multimillionaires.

a higher alternative tax originally aimed at untaxed multimillionaires? what? are they trying to say that our tax process is flawed... i am SHOCKED

2) Delays in processing returns could put off refunds to millions of people needing the extra cash for holiday expenses

nice, guys, real nice...

3) IRS acting commissioner Linda Stiff said the agency would immediately begin reprogramming forms, a process the IRS has said could take about seven weeks. "Our people will do everything they can to quickly update our systems for this major change," she said in a statement.

Call me jaded... but seven weeks, huh? I am bettin' it will take a little longer than that>

4) The independent IRS Oversight Board, in a report on the possible consequences of a delay, predicted that a Feb. 4 start for the filing season would entail a delay in issuing about 13.3 million refunds worth $39 billion

IRS OVERSIGHT BOARD? God, is that you... ??
ahh, with the 2008 election year LOOMING before us, what would an election be without the occastional candidate claiming that they are going to save all of us from the evil IRS... plausible? no but a girl can dream, can't she?

Mike Huckabee wants to put my pal Harry out of business.

Harry does my taxes. Mr. Huckabee wants to make tax preparers obsolete by getting rid of the federal income tax. He'll get rid of the Internal Revenue Service too, if he can.,0,4157678.story

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Early holiday cheer from the IRS!

If there is a delay and it extends into mid-February, it would slow nearly 32 million refunds worth a total of about $87 billion, the IRS Oversight Board predicts.