Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ahh, it is tax season... and you can feel the panic in the air... actually the real time to be paniced is the summer when audit notices go out... but despite all the stress, this is not a life or death situation - despite that death and taxes saying... Here is a helpful article on how to be less fearful, this is some good stuff:

(my personal favorite)

5. Afraid I'll get audited
If fear No. 4 comes true, then this is definitely one to be scared of. Audit fears, however, tend to be much greater than actual audit realities. True, there are some red flags, such as excessive medical or charitable deductions, that might catch an IRS examiner's eye. But overall, the risk of audit is small -- about 1 percent of individual returns were audited in 2006.

So don't let fear of IRS questions keep you from filing. And definitely don't let it stop you from claiming legitimate tax breaks.

"If you're really doing stupid things on your tax return, expect to get audited. Deservedly so," says Enrolled Agent Eva Rosenberg, who is based in Southern California and the Internet's Tax Mama. "But if you're afraid to use a legitimate tax break because you're afraid you're going to be audited, stop it! Stand up for your rights. There's no reason to be afraid."

The remedy: Make sure you can show an IRS examiner why you filed as you did. This means keeping good records, especially if you're self-employed. People who work for themselves and file Schedule C with their returns tend to get scrutinized a bit more, so your business record keeping needs to be more precise.

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