Monday, November 26, 2007

My State of California Franchise Tax Board saga continues! AAARRG!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend (naturally), I received another letter from them demanding money (of course, why do I bother being surprised any more...). Turns out my tax lady had never taken care of this like she said she would a few months ago. Honestly, I think she might be a little sick of me (go figure)...and at this point I can take care of it myself.... so I did:

After an hour and half of being on hold this morning (again, why do I bother to be surprised...), I spoke to a very nice person who identified himself as "Station 44." HUH? If you work for the CA tax office, do you not get a name? WEIRD. Turns out Station 44 was helpful but told me I had to send in a protest with the final paperwork from the IRS enclosed to support my case. YOU WANT ANOTHER PROTEST FROM ME??? ! Really? Aren't these people sick of me yet too?! Wow, ok, so off my protest went via cerified and return receipt mail.

You messed with the wrong girl, State of California Franchise Tax Board... I got more protests where that one came from...

PS - thanks again, station 44! Please get a better job!


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