Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Down with credit cards! Another pet peeve of mine, besides my recent SUCCESSFUL IRS audit, is credit card debt. If you have read my story (first post on my blog), you know that I was $20,000 in credit card debt while going through my tramatic IRS audit. My entire financial life and future was in jeopardy. From the hours it took to analyze my spending in 2003, I figured out that I was spending way too much on unimportant, temporary things and putting it all on credit cards with a very unrealistic view of how it was adding up. If someone had asked me in 2003 what my APR was, I would of laughed and told them that that sounded boring and changed the subject to shoes or boyfriends or shopping.... anything but finance. This attitude was reflected in my credit card debt and it was up to me, and me alone, to solve this. I freelanced for a year which just made it worse so I took on a full time job and freelanced on the side and that did the trick. I paid off my $20,000 debt in 14 months - granted, I was an extremely boring person during those months but it was worth it.
If you use a credit card at all, please read the following article from Yahoo! Fianance. It is time we all stopped playing by the credit card companies' rules and become armed with the tools to prevent credit card debt... enjoy and be inspired...

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